We offer full-time child care for children between the ages of 3 months through 12 years. We nurture and care for your child in a home-like environment. We ensure all children in our care are provided with a positive model of acceptable behavior and strive to teach children how to behave within acceptable behavioral guidelines.

The children are separated into appropriate age groups for daily play and learning (infant, toddler, and preschool). Your child will be cared for by licensed teachers who are trained, dedicated, and experienced, and are working with a curriculum designed to help your child learn and reach development milestones.

As children continue to develop, their curriculum needs change. Each week we have a new theme. Conferences are held every 6 months to discuss your child’s progress, however, progress reports are available at any time from your child’s classroom teacher or CPC’s director. When it is time for your child to move to the next classroom, you will be given notice and a transition plan for the child to gradually try out the new classroom. Your child’s classroom teacher will discuss the decision to move your child’s classroom prior to any transition. We will work to ensure that any changes in classroom move as smoothly as possible.

We may also offer various field trips that could include Marshall’s Aquatic Center, the library, or local parks.